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Delivering Insights

The perception of data analytics has shifted from an operationally-segmented activity performed by an organization’s data analyst team, in response to narrowly-defined questions, to the desired capacity to empower employees throughout the organization to use data to support decision-making and inform strategy and investment.  However, for many organizations, a gap continues to exist between the promise of data democratization and their current reality. This is a profound issue for organizations now operating in an increasingly data-driven world. Indeed, failure to develop a leading data analytics competency does not just hamper operations but can prohibit organizations from being able to achieve the very basics of their mission.

Purpose-built Analytics

Sophinea can help. We have experience partnering with our clients to break through their analytics challenges, enabling them to achieve their analytics vision. Our mix of technology and business consulting experience enables Sophinea to develop solutions across a complex, multidimensional set of challenges. Our partnership with our clients is not focused on delivering pre-packaged solutions, but developing tailored solutions built on industry best practices. Whether your organization has made significant investments in various data analysis tools that have not fully achieved their initial objectives, are challenged with getting started on defining a data analytics roadmap, or are attempting to resolve issues with your data pipeline, our consultants will partner with your organization to develop solutions that can be seamlessly deployed.

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