Sophinea Partners

Sophinea has partnered with Industry Leaders in Data Analytics to bring best of breed solutions to our clients

Sophinea Partners

Sophinea partners with industry leaders in analytics to bring leading edge capabilities to our clients

Alteryx logo - Empowering Data Analysts with Advanced Analytics Tools and Workflow Automation


No-code Data Engineering and Analytics Automation

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Constellation Networks - creators of the hypergraph blockchain.


Distributed data storage and security

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Databricks logo - a leading data engineering and analytics platform. Databricks enables organizations to unify data science and engineering teams, simplify workflows, and accelerate innovation. Improve your data strategy with Databricks today.


Data analytics and machine learning platform

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Immuta logo - The leading Data Access Control platform Immuta is the most advanced platform for managing, sharing, and accessing sensitive data.


Automating data governance and security at scale.

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